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I enjoyed my stay at your hotel. The room was clean and comfortable. The location was perfect. A short distance from the train station and just far enough away from the busy areas so it was quiet. The staff was very helpful and answered all my questions.

Robert Gilman

I enjoyed my stay at your hotel - the single room turned out to be a very nice big clean double room - and I got excellent advice from your friendly staff about where to find some good restaurants. I will definitively use your hotel another time.


I have stayed at the Singel Hotel several times. For me, it is the ideal location. It is convenient for stopping by during the day for a bathroom break or just to rest for a short time and still be right in the middle of things. On Queen's day it was the perfect location. The staff is friendly, the room is comfortable and I would gladly recommend the hotel. As an American the bathrooms are smaller than we are use to but they are quit adequate and having a bigger bathroom is not worth the trade off of losing the location and quality of the Singel.

Robert Palmer