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as always, it is a pleasure to stay at the Singel Hotel - Jan 2011

susan shearn

Notre séjour dans cet hôtel était fantastique, l'endroit est calme, propre, accueillant, proche du centre et de la gare.Le personnel est qualifié, sympathique et près à répondre à toutes les questions qu'on peut se poser.Je n'ai qu'une envie, y retourner.Enjoy Holland !

Elise Malfoy

I liked staying in this hotel. Very nice location - it's in Singel channel, near to the city center, but rather quiet place. Personel was very polite and was ready to give usefull advices about visiting different places of interest. Service and cleanliness of room was good, furniture is also in good condition. My room was small (with bath!), but it wasn't a problem for me as I only slept in the room. Buffet wasn't like a pack with sandwiches eith apple :) There was a choise of food and tasty coffee. It seems that there was internet in hall free of charge. I think that for me it was optimal combination of quality and price!I'll defenetly reccomend this hotel to my friendsThe only one small mines was that my room was located on the ground floor, so it was noisy in the morning (when breakfast was served) and in the late evening, when all guests came home. If you can't sleep when it's not quiet, it's better to ask another room and not near elevator (but it wasn't big problem for me). Thanks Sinel Hotel for good staying in Amser!

Nataliya (Russia)